Haptic Radios

Radios that can be operated in the dark with one hand.

Version 1

Battery in square enclosure acts as on-off switch, programme selector, volume control and power supply.

No buttons, dials, sliders or other moving parts.

Because radio can be operated in the dark, all parts can be transparent.

Simple construction, electronic components all on simple base board.

Version 2

Version 2

Battery in circular container controls on-off and station by pushing in and releasing. Volume is controlled by rotating battery.

More compact than Version 1 but a little more difficult to operate with one hand.

About Graham Shawcross

Architect PhD student at Edinburgh University Interested in order, rhythm and pattern in Architectural Design
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3 Responses to Haptic Radios

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  2. I just woke up one morning and thought it would be nice to switch the radio on one-handed in the dark


  3. Batteries are often more elegant than the things they power. It’s a good idea not to hide them. Was this inspired by looking down on Waverley Station refurb?


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