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Aesthetics of Aperiodic Tilings

Wang tilings seem to me to be visually more interesting than their plain or decorated aperiodic tiling generators. The various versions of the same Penrose P2 tiling below all look very uniform, with their randomness hardly registering, whilst the randomness … Continue reading

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Find Your Own Space

A randomly distributed sets of points can be considered as the lowest state of architectural order; the placing of the simplest object, a point, with the least degree of structure, being randomly placed. Well distributed point sets are important in … Continue reading

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The Container for The Thing Contained

This post is the result of a recent first visit to Berlin; and in particular to the Altes, Neues and Jüdiches Museums there. These irreverently brought to mind James Thurber’s story Here Lies Miss Groby and her concept of the … Continue reading

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Abbott Thayer, Countershading and Camouflage Theory

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Abbott Handerson Thayer (1849-1921) was for a time one of America’s most famous portrait painters. He was also an accomplished painter of the natural world, being particularly interested in animal colouration. He made three important contributions to camouflage theory. These … Continue reading

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Aesthetics: Successor to Plain and Provisional investigating what sort of aesthetics might be appropriate and sustainable. implicit order Repetition, grouping, alternation etc of elements effects perceived order. pattern                         … Continue reading

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Plain and Provisional

Plain and Provisional: A largely visual argument occasioned by 2 well known Manchester housing schemes. 1 Lovell East Manchester Exemplar Housing       In Venturi and Brown terms, this scheme is definitely a Duck. Plans manipulated to provide interesting … Continue reading

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