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Aperiodic Tiling

This closely follows “Tilings and Patterns” (Grünbaum and Shephard, 1987), but uses coloured diagrams rather than their monochrome ones. In some ways this is simply a catalogue of aperiodic tilings, their various forms and some indication of their uses, but my interest … Continue reading

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Periodic and Non-Periodic Tiling

The concepts of periodic and non-periodic tiling are defined so as to clearly distinguish them from aperiodic tiling; the subject of a future post “Aperiodic Tiling”. Informally a tiling (of the 2D Euclidean plane) is a collection of subsets of … Continue reading

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Haptic Bedside Lamp

I had surprisingly forgotten about this haptic lamp that actually sits in one of our bedrooms. We originally came across them in a smart B+B in Arboyne and initially were flumoxed by them. The clue to its use is on the … Continue reading

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Quasicrystals and Aperiodic Tiling

In 2011 Dan Shechtman was alone awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of quasicrystals. Shechtman found in 1982 that atoms in a crystal could exhibit 5 fold symmetry packed in a pattern that did not repeat itself; analogous … Continue reading

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