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3 Responses to Aleph

  1. ryan says:

    Hello Graham,

    Thanks for adding links as an answer to my last reply!

    Nice article about the Aleph, good book too by the way.
    After you laid out a part of Borges’ text in the article I started to wonder about what Borges mentions:
    ” not one of them occupied the same point in space, without overlapping or transparency”
    The way I see it in order to experience infinite vision you also need transparency in order to see acts or objects through the overlap and and from various angels in space and time.

    In any case thanks again for the food for thought!

    All the best,


    • Hi Ryan
      I think “without overlapping or transparency” has to mean without overlapping and without transparency.
      So Borges must have had something very strange in mind, some kind of fascinating projective kaleidoscope perhaps.
      The story was written in 1947 so (black and white) television is a possibility though not multi-channel TV or the internet as I suggest later on (but these can be really distracting).


      • Ryan says:

        Hi Graham,

        The way I understood the text in a way that Borges was trying to put into words a state of all-awareness, in a spiritual multi dimensional way. I did not take into consideration that he might be referring to new media as instruments to achieve this insight.

        Having said this, looking at it from that point of view my perception of the Internet and new media have been changed.

        Curious to find out more about patterns that give insight into the possible relations with Internet and the fourth dimension.


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