Wang Tiles and Aperiodic Tiling

Composed A2 Wang Tiling

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3 Responses to Composed A2 Wang Tiling

  1. Tuomas Nurmi says:

    Pst. The 6th tile on the bottom row is wrong.


    • Tuomas, thanks for your comment, when pointed out the tile is obviously wrong.
      I will sort it out, but I do not think there is a quick fix. Respect.


      • Tuomas Nurmi says:

        There is a quick fix, actually: Just replace it with from the tileset “original Wang tiles on the previous page, second row, first tile.

        That is, when you have the time 🙂

        BTW, thanks for the tiling, I noticed the obvious little fault and fixed it without thinking, when I was replicating it for an art project. As an aftertoght I decided to drop you a note as well, so that you might fix it when you have the time 🙂 I honestly thought the mistake was something like a “spelling mistake” with fix so simple it didn’t occur to me to point it out.


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